Andreas Geiger

February 2024: Winter Retreat Lenzerheide (with Cremers lab)

August 2023: Summer Retreat Schloss Lichtenstein

May 2023: BBQ Georgenberg

February 2023: Winter Retreat Lenzerheide (with Brox lab)

July 2022: Summer Retreat Brontallo, Maggia Valley

AVG Research Environment

August 2021: Summer Retreat Schloss Hornberg

February 2019: Winter Retreat Lenzerheide (with Rother lab)

September 2018: Autumn Retreat Burg Teck

July 2018: Karting in Jettenburg

June 2018: PAMI Young Researcher Award

February 2018: Winter Retreat Davos (with Pollefeys lab)

October 2017: Best Student Paper Award at 3DV 2017

September 2017: Farewell Party Yiyi Liao and David Stutz

September 2017: German Pattern Recognition Award

September 2017: Autumn Retreat Wanderheim Burg Teck

June 2017: Spring Retreat Wanderheim Rossberg

May 2017: Heinz Maier-Leibnitz-Preis 2017

April 2017: BBQ and Move into the new Building

February 2017: Winter Retreat Grindelwald (with M. Pollefeys team)

Dezember 2015: Fotoshooting for Max Planck Research Journal

November 2015: IS Group Picture in front of Construction Site

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